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KODO has been home for three months, and it has been a comfortable, modern place the entire time, with furnished rooms, Nest A/C and high-quality...


Great place these kodo apts new mgr David so nice, lobby is beautiful with real fireplaces,rooftop deck with views to die for,its great location near...


Great place these kodo apts new mgr David so nice, lobby is beautiful with real fireplaces,rooftop deck with views to die for,its great location near...


I think the KODO is a very nice high end apartment complex, looks very up to date. Manger David is very responsive, and answered all of my questions.


Kodo is a great location beautiful units and I loved the tour that I took there also it has good maintenance guy and I hear the new manager David is nice


I lived at The Kodo on a corporate lease for 3 months and Zack was always more than willing to help me with any questions that I needed answered. Personally called me to check-in, always said hello to me when I was in the lobby and was prompt with any requests I needed done. I've lived in 8 cities in the past year for work and Zack was the best employee I have encountered. Cheers!


The Kodo deserves a top score based on the overall performance of its management, staff, and the building itself. Whenever I need a repair (big or small), it’s completed in a timely manner. The work itself is professional and top quality. It’s worth mentioning that proper management is essential for a business to run smoothly and their property manager, Zack Thomas, needs his own shoutout. He takes the time to fully engage with you, which is more impactful than just a smile. Zack understands the needs of his residents, and he does his best to exceed our expectations. I absolutely believe in the saying “seeing is believing,” but it’s important to note what we don’t see. There is no lingering trash on the property as well as disorderly conduct. There are no pests, which I’ve seen on properties of various price points. There’s basically no neglect, which you’ll be hard pressed to find in comparable properties across Los Angeles. With the team’s diligent efforts, I feel safe and comfortable in the building day or night. You can’t put a price tag on your well being, but (if you could) then The Kodo is a bargain.


I lived at The Kodo for 6 months when I first moved to LA. I used it as interim housing to figure out the neighborhoods and options. I loved it! I was on the 6th floor, had great views, a modern and luxe feel and relatively limited noise and Zack was a great building manager. All concerns were promptly attended to within 24 hours. Highly recommend especially if you need a short term rental for a reasonable price; they go as low as 3 months for the same price as a 12 month lease.


My company had me stay at a corporate lease they have here at the kodo. The ambiance and staff at this property really made my time in LA more comfortable. Thanks for everything Zack!


Probably the best and most luxurious apartment on the block . Staff is excellent and the building has a great view of downtown skyscrapers , private parking available and best of all you can contract on a monthly plan here if you want !!!